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Social impact consultancy dedicated to helping organizations address the social and environmental challenges we face today.


We understand the competing priorities social impact organizations face, with limited capacity to address every area of need.

Our services help ambitious leaders to deepen their impact – whether they are start-ups, non-profits, or mature organizations.

What We Do


With over 15 years of experience across sectors, and organizations of various size and stage, Victoria and her team bring a breadth of expertise to help organizations maximize their positive impact.


Research +

Uncover + validate opportunities

Strategy +

Bring clarity to your vision


Measure your impact


Catalyze systemic change


“Despite the breadth and depth of challenges we face as a society, the motto ‘there’s no such thing as a problem, only solutions’ rings truer than ever before.

This is a time when we need social purpose and values-driven organizations to thrive.”

— Dr. Victoria Gay

“Victoria’s ability to understand what we need to investigate in order to drive change has been exceptional. She identified under-researched ideas, led the trailblazing research, and brought it together in the most engaging way to propel us forward as a thought leader in health equity. It fuelled our advocacy work and engaged stakeholders far and wide.”

— J Stewart,
Senior Director, Communications, BC Women’s Health Foundation